Daniel Tiffany is a prize-winning poet and influential theorist based in Los Angeles and Berlin. Five volumes of his literary criticism have been published by presses such as Harvard, Johns Hopkins, and the University of Chicago. Tiffany’s critical work is recognized for its innovative approaches to the field of poetry and poetics: his 2000 book, Toy Medium: Materialism and Modern Lyric, for example, helped to initiate a generation of "New Materialisms"; and his 2005 essay, "Fugitive Lyric," advanced a groundbreaking theory of "obscurities" common to social and poetic underworlds—a project treated at length in his 2009 book, Infidel Poetics. Tiffany contributed the entry on "Lyric Poetry" to the Oxford Encyclopedia of Literature.


In addition, Tiffany is the author of six collections of poetry—from presses including Action Books, Noemi, and Omnidawn—along with the celebrated documentary projects of BLUNT RESEARCH GROUP (published in the Wesleyan Poetry Series). His poems have appeared in journals such as the Paris Review, Poetry, Tin House, Bomb, jubilat, Fence, and Lana Turner. In tandem with his own writings, which have been the subject of published colloquia, conference panels, and theatrical adaptation, Tiffany has published translations of texts from Greek, French, and Italian. He is a recipient of the Berlin Prize, awarded by the American Academy in Berlin.